Doctoral Training

The PhD program of the GHS grants each candidate a completely tailor-made training, in order to match specific needs and individual interests in relation to the planned research project. Training modules may be selected from courses and seminars organized and supported by the GHS, from the teaching units of the participating faculties at the University of Bern, and also from approved, project-related courses and summer schools offered by other Swiss Universities or recognized institutions in Switzerland and abroad.

Individual Training at the GHS

  • Each PhD candidate compiles an individual curriculum based on qualifications and relevance to the research interests.
  • Coursework for a minimum of 18.0 ECTS points must be completed; see GHS Course Catalog.
  • Credit points are collected from mandatory courses (min. 3.0 ECTS), core courses (2.0 to 4.0 ECTS), method skills (4.0 to 6.0 ECTS) and special knowledge (at least 6.0 ECTS).
  • Courses not listed in the GHS Course Catalog can be selected upon agreement with the GHS; the courses have to last at least one day and must involve active participation.
  • The selection of courses should be documented in the Doctoral Agreement s. downloads below
  • In addition, the GHS supports efforts to acquire basic knowledge in cases where the PhD candidates are new in the field.
  • Information for publications can be found here.