Titleimage: Graduate School for Health Sciences (GHS)

The Graduate School for Health Sciences (GHS) is an interdisciplinary doctoral program jointly organized by the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Human Sciences at the University of Bern. It provides a research-oriented curriculum for PhD candidates.

Environmental, social, psychological and biological factors determine the health of individuals and populations. The faculty and students at the GHS identify and study these factors in order to understand the interplay among them, and produce new knowledge about interventions. They assess the effects these factors have on physical and mental health, human development, individual well-being and the health of human populations.

The GHS offers a choice of courses and special workshops tailored to the individual interests and needs of the PhD candidates. The focus of the PhD program is on the individual thesis project where the candidates get the best possible support by an expert supervisory committee in the respective research area. In addition, emphasis is put on the high-quality training in research methods and study design, which is ensured by providing appropriate courses.