Titleimage: Graduate School for Health Sciences (GHS)

The Graduate School for Health Sciences (GHS) offers research-oriented curricula on psychological and physiological factors that determine the health of individuals and groups in their social contexts and physical environments. The GHS is an interdisciplinary program jointly organized by the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Human Sciences and offers research PhD programs, addressing questions rooted in both basic research and applied fields. The extensive pool of academic experts and resources enables the GHS students to develop into highly qualified researchers or professionals ready to use their knowledge and skills in complex subjects in their chosen area. Depending on the field of research, the candidates are assigned to one of the three expert committees with the following fields of expertise:

  • Preventive and Social Medicine, Public Health, Medical Education, Psychology, Rehabilitation & Clinical Research
  • Neurosciences
  • Clinical Sciences: clinical career & patient-oriented research (50:50 model)

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