GHS Symposium

The GHS organizes an annual Symposium which offers GHS PhD candidates an opportunity to present their research work to their peers.

The Symposium consists of poster presentations, talks and a workshop.  

The workshop topics «Ethics in Health Sciences» and «Philosophy and History of Science» alternate bi-annually.

It is mandatory for all GHS students to participate in the Symposium in person twice before the PhD defense process begins.

The first participation involves a poster presentation, whereas the second participation involves a talk. Please note that the presentations order can not be inverted: at the first attendance it is required to present a poster.

Furthermore, it is mandatory to attend both workshop topics.

To make sure that the GHS Symposium requirements are fulfilled, we strongly recommend to plan the attendance at both Symposiums directly upon admission to the GHS, in the Doctoral Agreement.

GHS Symposium 2023

Symposium 2023 Program
Organizer Graduate School for Health Sciences
Dates November 22 & 23 2023
Venue Studienzentrum Gerzensee
Workshop Topic
Philosophy and History of Science

Prof. Saana Jukola (Department of Philosophy, University of Twente) and Prof. Jacob Stegenga (Department of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge)

Program Program_GHS_Symposium_2023.pdf
Registration  Please register by September 26, 2023, via the registration link (only for GHS students)
Participation fee CHF 80.-