Why join the GHS?

As GHS PhD student you will have these advantages:

  • Comprehensive, internationally competitive training in the theory and practice of experimental research

  • In-depth specialist knowledge of the individually selected research area

  • An expert supervisory committee that provides the best possible support for your individual thesis project

  • An interdisciplinary platform that facilitates communication and collaboration among PhD students and their supervisors

  • The choice of courses, including transferable skills tailored to individual interests and specific needs

  • The advantage of special workshops to obtain PhD core qualifications

  • The possibility to get travel grants to participate in national and international conferences

  • The opportunity to be integrated in scientific networks and to take scientific responsibility on your project

As a GHS Supervisor you will have these advantages:

  • The possibility to be involved in additional academic activities as requested from the University

  • Shared responsibility for the mentoring tasks with a pool of other experts within a Thesis Committee, boosting collaborations chances.

  • Networking in a wide and interdisciplinary environment

  • Increase of the publications number in case of tenure track

  • Substantial administrative support in case of problems e.g. for the organization of the defence

  • Provide the best-specialized input for the students: chance to contact and involve extern specialists for the defence to increase the support possibilities.

  • Financial aid (congresses, courses, expert invitations)

  • Guarantee of a reliable and consolidated structure for the PhD for their own students with e.g. defined deadlines

  • Possibility to extend the expertise in specific areas within their own research group allowing participation to courses in different disciplines in national and international institutions.